Manic Depression

Manic Depression, also known as Bipolar Disorder, is a mood disorder with usually cyclical symptoms. These symptoms are often marked by repetitive periods of manic symptoms (high energy, euphoria, delusions of grandeur...) followed by a period of depressive symptoms (feeling worthless, tired, pessimistic...).

All that we know about the causes of bipolar disorder is that it is due to a neurochemical dysregulation in the brain. However, what causes this chemical imbalance remains unknown.

bipolar disorder

Bipolar Treatment

A majority of those who suffer from bipolar disorder will experience hospitalization 2 to 3 times in their lives. It is often due to suicide attempts during the depressive phase, or questionable financial transactions or legal arrangements during the manic phase.

The first treatment is mood stabilizers, which requires a psychiatrist. In turn, the psychiatrist often recommends a psychologist for coping skills training to learn how to cope with the symptoms in both extremes of bipolar cycle.